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Appraisal Reviews

Why should an appraisal be reviewed?

As in every trade or profession, critique, cross checking, questions and comments reinforce the reliability of appraisal and consulting opinions.

Professional differences are not uncommon regarding real estate and the MBA review process addresses the logic and conclusions of other reports. This process helps maintain the client’s ability to make the Correct Real Estate Decision.

Litigation Support: If you’re a practicing attorney our review process will provide you with an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your potential litigation case.

Lender Review: Our review process will help you maintain quality appraisals conforming to USPAP standards and help manage your risk. This process will also help you detect possible fraud and unethical appraisals.

Property Owners: The MBA review process will provide you with a level of confidence regarding previous appraisals and help you make sound business decisions.left

All of the data from our reviews is held to strict confidentiality standards. The MBA review process is effective and provides a “cost benefit” analysis to the user.

If you are a new client please contact us for an introductory offer for the first 5 review assignments.

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